Boulder Divorce Consultation  During and After your Divorce

No need to hire an attorney for Divorce Consulting in your case from start to finish. You can hire an attorney at their hourly rate, on an as-needed basis, or hire with an attorney to handle just certain aspects (legal paperwork) of your case.

In Colorado attorneys’ can offer ‘unbundled legal services’ prior to and during the course of a divorce or post-divorce matter, without being involved for the entire divorce case.

Boulder Divorce Consulting

Boulder Divorce Consulting may be the best option to keep divorce costs low. Having divorce consulting means that you are in charge of your divorce and can have an attorney available to answer your questions as they come up. This can be very beneficial for those who are working with a mediator to dissolve the marriage or are negotiating with their spouse and/or do not have the funds to hire an attorney full time.

Divorce Consulting may be the choice for those individuals who are able to communicate with each other and there is still a level of trust between them.

It is important to understand that I can offer this type of advice to only one party to the divorce. The other party may, at their option, meet with another attorney for their advice.

I can offer you my opinion on the overall case, or offer assistance on specific matters such as explaining how a divorce case proceeds through the courts, how our Colorado maintenance and child support statutes work and explain and help you prepare a parenting plan for your children. I can prepare documents and stipulations (legal agreements) for your signature. I can assist you in preparation for an upcoming ISC (initial status conference), mediation or court hearing. (I can work along with a certified divorce financial planner if needed in your case.)

Additionally, I can provide advice regarding pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, modification of child support, parenting time and maintenance.

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30 years of Experience In Family Law

Being a good attorney, mediator or being good at anything for that matter, is a combination of education and experience. Having similar experiences to someone you are trying to help is a tremendous asset to professionals working with divorcing couples.

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