Divorce Consulting with both parties

If both spouses have questions about the divorce process and alternative processes available to them, I am able to meet with both spouses together in order help them select the best method by which to end their marriage through divorce consulting.

With so many choices in divorce, it can be difficult to know where to start. Let us coach you through your divorce.

The process we would undertake allows the couple the opportunity to fully define their goals and concerns and to thoroughly understand each of the processes available to them and place them both in position to choose the best process for them and the professionals who could help them.

This divorce consulting approach is designed to help you and your spouse create a clear plan before moving forward.

Having litigated, mediated and collaborated for years I feel that I am fully qualified to help clients understand each of their choices and to select the process, and the professionals that can best help you achieve your goals.

The three of us would meet and talk together and then I would have private conference with each of you. We would come back together to discuss your situation and answer your questions regarding all available processes. We would discuss a process for moving forward with the divorce, be it using consulting attorneys, mediation or a collaborative process.

If you both feel that mediation is the method you would like to use, you both could choose to continue to work with me as your mediator. Otherwise we would discuss and set up the frame work for the option you have chosen.

This process will work well for those spouses who continue to:

  •  Have a level of trust between each other
  •  Can see past the current issues and envision their lives post-divorce.
  • Can consider their spouse’s goals in the divorce as well as their own during negotiations.

Some of the things we might discuss during our meeting might be:

  • Temporary living arrangements and any pressing financial issues.
  • Select a process for moving forward with the divorce, be it using consulting attorneys, mediation or a collaborative process.
  • The use of a neutral facilitator to design a parenting plan and any other child related issues.
  • The use of a neutral financial planner to assist for the preparation of budgets and financial disclosures required by the court.
  • The possibility to seek a therapist to assist with a particular issue.
  • If the subject of addiction has been raised, options for an assessment, done in a confidential manner, can be discussed.

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