bertlaw  Sep 24, 2019


In Colorado the following documents must be exchanged between the parties regardless of the method used to reach their agreement

Each party shall provide:

(a) Sworn Financial Statement. A completed and signed Sworn Financial Statement using the Supreme Court approved form (Form 35.2).

(b) Income Tax Returns (Most Recent 3 Years). The personal and business federal income tax returns for the three years before filing of the petition or post-decree motion.

(c) Personal Financial Statements (Last 3 Years). All personal financial statements, statements of assets or liabilities, and credit or loan applications prepared during the last three years.

(d) Business Financial Statements (Last 3 Years).

e) Real Estate Documents. The title documents and all documents stating value of all real property in which a party has a personal or business interest.

(f) Personal Debt. All documents creating debt, and the most recent debt statements showing the outstanding balance and payment terms.

(g) Investments. The most recent account statements or other documents identifying each investment in which a party has any personal or business interest, and stating its current value.

(h) Employment Benefits. The most recent account statements or other documents identifying each employment benefit of a party, and stating the current value.

(i) Retirement Plans. The most recent documents identifying each retirement plan of which a party is a beneficiary, and stating the current value, and the Summary Plan Descriptions.

(j) Bank/Financial Institution Accounts. The most recent account statements identifying each account of a party at banks and other financial institutions, and stating the current value.

(k) Income Documentation.

(l) Employment and Education-Related Child Care Documentation.

(m) Insurance Documentation.

(n) Extraordinary Child(ren)’s Expense Documentation.