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Where can I find Divorce forms for Colorado?

The forms needed for anyone to file and follow through with their divorce are available on the following State of Colorado website.
The site has a flowchart as well as verbal explanations for pursuing a divorce with or without children having been born of the marriage.

Guide to Divorce in Colorado

Divorce in Colorado without Children

Divorce in Colorado With Children

The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage of Legal Separation, JDF1101, is the first document to be filed to begin the case. The court will also want a Case Information Sheet, JDF 1000, to be filed at the same time.If you and your spouse are amicable with each other, you many choose file a Joint Petition, one which is signed by both of you, which will eliminate the need for one party to serve the other with the divorce documents.

Forms are available to request, JDF 1106, and to respond, JDF 1315, to a request for temporary orders in the case. Temporary orders  are those orders issued early in the case that most commonly concern parenting time for each parent, child support, who will remain, at least temporarily, in the marital residence and temporary maintenance to assure that all ongoing bills and family expenses are paid during the pendency of the divorce.

The site has Sworn Financial Statements JDF 1111 and Supporting Schedules, JDF 1111SS, that need to be filled out and exchanged  with your spouse at or before the Initial Status Conference in the case. The Initial Status Conference may be held between the 30th and 40th day after filing the case.

Also available are a Separation Agreement, JDF 1115, which lists your final agreement regarding real and personal property and division of assets and debts. A Parenting Plan, JDF1113, is available to inform the court of your agreement regarding all that relates to the parenting your children.

Note: Depending on the extent and complexity of the assets, debts and the details of how the parties agree to interact with their children these court provided documents may not prove to be sufficient for your needs.

If you need more direction than is provided by these available forms you may contact an experienced Boulder lawyer at 303-554-1415.